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Christmas is a time we all cherish and adore, right?

Not for 23-year-old Holly, who after losing her mother in December at 14, begins to despise Christmas. Her love life is non-existent, her friends list is practically zero, and she barely sees her family.

Wanting to escape the holidays and the loneliness of her 4 apartment walls, Holly jumps at the opportunity to accept a photoshoot request from a family in England for 3 days. The request comes from charming Justin, who organises the photoshoot for his family.

Holly leaves her life behind and is unknowingly thrust into a world where Christmas, quite literally, throws up on her. Adverse weather means she may have to suffer the festivities longer than she hoped.

After discovering Holly’s dislike for Christmas, Justin makes a bet; he can make her fall in love with Christmas by the time she leaves. If he loses, Holly keeps the family as a high paying client. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

Will he succeed? Or will she continue to harness her bitter heart, and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?

Picture Not So Perfect OUT NOW!


Name: Holly Grace Taylor  

Age: 23

Profession: Photographer. 

Character Traits: Bitter, scared of change, observant, workaholic,


Status on Xmas: Hates everything. 

Love life: Zero.


Name: Justin Williams 

Age: 25

Profession: Executive

Character Traits: Confident, full of life, persistent, loving, sarcastic.

Status on Xmas: Loves it.

Love Life: Optimistic

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