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Residing in the beautiful hillsides of South Wales, Stephanie Jane O'Neil is an enthusiastic and driven young author with a passion for turning stories into magic. Stephanie was so excited to become a writer that she finished her debut novella, Picture Not So Perfect, in just 26 days, before its release later that year in 2021.


Stephanie fell in love with script writing and creative writing whilst studying in College before achieving a scholarship to study at Aberystwyth University. This is where she truly developed her writing skills and a deeper appreciation for the written word. Stephanie left university with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, and a Diploma in Proofreading and Editing.

After the release of her debut Novella, Stephanie continued to develop new stories and create new worlds which readers can expect to explore very soon. It was also during this time that Stephanie began working on her Author VA business, assisting other authors with planning their releases, several of which have become best sellers. 


The next chapter for Stephanie Jane O'Neil will be to showcase her upcoming novel, On The Market, available to order now!

Some unknown facts about Stephanie:


  • After an accident as a young child, Stephanie lost all hearing in her right ear, and half in her left.

  • As a result of the aforementioned accident, Stephanie learned how to speak British Sign Language (and lip-read like a pro).

  • Stephanie is a non-identical twin, and has three other siblings.

  • In her future, Stephanie foresees many more book releases and a White Retriever named Luna.

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