5 Free Writing, Planning & Editing Tools

This will be a slightly different blog post because I have some writing tools to help you on your journey to becoming a writer. Some of these are hard to find if you aren't looking in the right places. I spent years trying to edit and write and plan! My manuscript with just word. This, I now realise, is difficult. So, here are some amazing apps and software to help you write AMAZING stories, with none of the added stress!


This is an online editor, writing coach and stylist. It checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It also checks repeated, overused, and abstract words, and it provides over 20 in-depth reports such as;

  • Readability check

  • Pacing check

  • Consistency check

  • Diction, vague, and Abstract words check

  • Pronoun check

  • Dialogue tag check

Built within the system is a thesaurus, making your sentences crisp and more sophisticated without having to leave the tab. This is a free writing tool enables you to enhance your writing and improve the strength and clarity of your work easily and at the press of a few buttons (cool, right?). However, if you wanted an even more in-depth edit with no limitations, ProWritingAid premium is an option. This has unlimited editing and writing features such as;

  • No word count limit (perfect for full chapters, full reports, articles).

Top Tip: When I need to analyse a full text, I will do it in parts. Yes, this takes up a little more room, but when you're writing on a budget, this is a perfect way to move around the extra costs.

  • Access to the resource library

  • 100% privacy. They swear to never access your work without permission.

For ProWritingAid, the prices are:

Monthly: £20.00

Yearly: £79.00

Lifetime £299

To view the site, click here (note: this is not an affiliate link)

Libre Office

This is a free word processor, so it's the perfect alternative for those who don't want to or can't pay for Microsoft word. It has impressive features, and the layout is easy to understand, which is always a plus! Libre Office supports and is compatible with many formats. You can write a novel on this or create small notes or projects.

The writer processor has gone through many updates such as;

  • Compatibility has improved, especially for DOCX, PPTX and Excel 2003 XML files.

  • QR code

  • Using shapes in Writer, no longer overlap

  • When writing comments, you can now mark them as resolved

  • Copying, cutting and pasting tables has improved

To view the site, click here (note: this is not an affiliate link)

Focus Writer

Now, this one is my FAVOURITE! If you're like me and you get distracted by all of your open tabs, then fear not! This amazing app (can you tell I like it?) allows you to shut off everything but the screen you're writing with. This allows you to immerse yourself in your work with some amazing background effects. You can choose which effect you want and my favourite is the space theme.

The features included:

  • Daily goals

  • Timers and alarms

  • Customisable themes

  • Typewriter sound effects (this is optional)

  • Auto- save (optional)

  • Spell- checking (Add this with ProWritingAid, you'd have such a slick manuscript before you've even edited!)

  • portable mode (optional)

It also supports 15 languages!

This has helped me stay focused on my recent novel. Looking at the same white word document for hours can be boring and tiring. With Focus Writer, you can change up the background which is so helpful. This is my favourite feature of this.

To view the site, please click here (note: this is not an affiliate link)


Now, stay with me here. There are people who do not think Pinterest is a great free tool for writers. However, there are other people (like me, and maybe you!) who think it's fantastic. There are specific boards for every single niche you can think of, including writing. Check out my 'writing tips' board, which gets over 3 thousand views a month here. You can find boards which give you free printable worksheets which enable you to plan your story or even your day of writing. I think Pinterest is such a brilliant tool for marketing. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest.


Evernote is great if you want to take great notes and capture your ideas in several places or all in one place. You can write your to do lists, write checklists and you can even track your business expenses through tracking your receipts.

On the free plan, it allows you to have 60MB of space which is perfect if you just want to take notes. However, if you want to plan an entire novel from planning characters, plot twists, character profiles and world-building, then you would need to pay a monthly fee.

  • Free: Take notes

  • Evernote premium: £4.99 a month to organise everything

  • Evernote business £10.99 month bring your team together

To view this site, click here (note: this is not an affiliate link)

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